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Did you fall in someone else’s home or business?

Both home owners and owners of business premises owe a duty of care to their visitors and should carry liability insurance that can be called upon if injuries are sustained.

Often, those responsible for a business premises will insist that a system of maintenance and inspection was in place as required by the law and that they should not be held liable. Our team of experts will establish if this was the case or not.

We employ civil, mechanical, or biomechanical engineers to analyze your accident. Investigators will search for patterns of negligence and other key details. Together with these experts, your lawyer will build a strong case to obtain the maximum compensation possible for you.

How do most slip and fall accidents happen?

  • wet floors and walkways
  • spills or debris on floors
  • tripping hazards in aisles and cluttered walkways
  • damaged floors and floor covers
  • uneven surfaces, such as torn or bunched carpet, uneven bricks or paving stones, potholes, etc.
  • staircases and ramps with broken or loose stair treads or handrails
  • ice and snow that has not been cleared
  • poorly lit areas, ladders and scaffolding

Where do most slip and fall accidents happen?

  • retail spaces, such as grocery stores, department stores, convenience stores, shopping centers, malls, etc.
  • sidewalks and parking lots
  • public spaces
  • restaurants, theaters, stadiums, arenas
  • nursing homes and retirement homes
  • business offices
  • construction sites
  • private homes

Timing is everything.

It’s critical to contact a lawyer quickly after your accident. In B.C., you have two years from the date of the accident to commence legal proceedings or your case will be barred.