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Intimate Partner Violence — it takes courage to tell your story and you’re not alone.

Sexual violence at the hands of those closest to us is not uncommon. On average, it takes seven times for survivors to leave their abusive partner. Intimate partner violence can be physical, sexual, or psychological.

Why choose Hammerco to be in your corner?

We know the event doesn’t define the survivor.

We have sat across from countless survivors and listened to their stories.

These cases deserve recognition and need to be heard. We genuinely care for our clients and consider it our duty to be a part of that conversation.

We aim to minimize any costs to our clients.

You may qualify for what we refer to as a contingency arrangement.

This means, our fee is not determined by an hourly rate or the amount of time it takes, but by the result of your case. All costs are deferred until we win the case and there are no fees for cases that do not reach settlement.

Our team of support professionals is by your side.

It is a big step to come forward and tell your story.

In addition to our support throughout the process, we have relationships with trauma counsellors and other medical professionals who are committed to helping survivors heal.

It takes courage to tell your story — and you’re not alone.

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