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Personal Injury Team

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We take the stress out of the process so you can focus on getting your life back.

Hire legal representation.

From day one, we’re strategizing to maximize your claim, while making the process as stress-free for you as possible.

Focus on your recovery.

We will assist with financing claim-related costs and help you to connect with treatment providers—so you can focus on your health and recovery.

Secure a better future.

We will fight for a settlement award or judgement for financial compensation that will support your future health and recovery.

Timing is everything.

It’s critical to talk to a lawyer as quickly as possible after your accident.

Injury Claim Tips

How much is my claim worth?

During your free consultation our lawyers will explain how the value of your claim will be decided. They will explain the evidence we can gather to effectively support your claim for monetary recovery.

How long will it take to settle my case?

Each case is different and influenced by a number of things, including the length of your recovery. Regardless of how long it takes, we will be there every step of the way so you never feel alone.

When do I need a lawyer?

You would be well served to understand your rights from the beginning. Our lawyers can help you deal with the bureaucracy of the large insurance companies right from the start.

What if my injury is related to a car accident (or if I was cycling or a pedestrian)?

On May 1, 2021 ICBC enacted a new no-fault insurance model. Under this new model individuals involved in car accidents in British Columbia are no longer able to sue for damages if they are injured, even if they are not at fault. The severity of injuries does not impact your ability to sue.

Individuals injured in accidents after May 1, 2021 may instead be entitled to various treatment, rehabilitation and wage loss benefits in amounts pre-determined by ICBC. If there is a dispute about who is entitled or over the amount of benefits, it will be dealt with by an ombudsman, an ICBC fairness officer, or the Civil Resolution Tribunal – not the courts.

For more information, read our statement on the latest legal challenge against ICBC’s no-fault insurance.

Has your firm handled personal injury cases previously?

We are experienced trial lawyers and have handled many thousands of cases. It is our job to protect your interests and stand up for your rights.

I do not speak fluent English. Can you assist me?

Yes. Our team of lawyers can also assist you in Mandarin, Cantonese, and Farsi. In addition, we will provide translation services in any language for all cases on which we are retained.


June 29, 2020

Nathalie Raedwulf lost the capacity to teach and enjoy life after two separate car accidents.

January 8, 2020

Jaffa Winick wanted to be a teacher but chronic injuries were holding her back.

October 30, 2018

Doorings are the most reported type of cyclist collision in Vancouver.