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Brandon Lam Client
When I first thought about getting a lawyer, I was afraid and intimidated. But as I stepped foot into the firm, I was greeted with a smile and with open arms. Joel and the team kept me up to date with my case as often as he could. He did it with professionalism, respect and care. I could tell by his voice and how hard he fought for me that he was genuine and he really did care. I would highly recommend Hammerco to all my friends and family next time I’m looking for legal advice.
Robert Thompson Client
If you are a cyclist and have had a collision with a motor vehicle, hands down I would recommend Joel Zanatta of Hammerco Lawyers. Joel and his team took the time not only to learn of the accident details but also who I was as a person to take me on a path on settling my body and property damage, leaving me the freedom to recover and get on with my life. I was very happy with the settlement I received and the service provided from Hammerco Lawyers.
Miranda Grigor Client
…I recently received a settlement that far exceeded my expectations and I’m ecstatic to be moving forward. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Morgyn and Hammerco Lawyers to anybody seeking legal guidance. Yes, I got hurt. But because of Morgyn, the legalities of my case were pain-free.
Devon Racine Client
Initially I avoided retaining a lawyer after my accident, but as the pain of my injuries set in, I found I was unable to perform my job and began accumulating debt. ICBC didn’t help me cover expenses while working towards recovery and their people were rude and unhelpful, but because of Joel and Hammerco Lawyers I got full compensation and was able to pay off my debts.
Alison G. Client
Anthony Eden helped us in challenging our dad’s will from initial inquiries through to a successful conclusion. He was always very prompt to respond to any of our questions or concerns and was able to explain complex legal considerations in a way that was clear and easy to understand. His manner was professional yet still very personable and he demonstrated skill in creating productive collaboration between the three law firms involved in the case. I found his thorough reviews of case law very comforting, given my own analytical nature. My sister and I were both impressed with his calm, intelligent and confident manner, even when dealing with theatrics from opposing counsel. We would not hesitate to recommend him to anyone taking on family law issues.
Stephen Soby Client
Morgyn and her team worked from day one to find professional help for me. Through that help I was able to discover processes to help myself improve. I am not the person I was before my accident, but in some ways I am a better person. Thank you from the depths of my being for your professional and consistent efforts on my behalf. Efforts that ICBC, left to its own, never once showed interest in taking.
Ila Casselman Client
Nicola Collins is a brilliant business lawyer. We used her services to incorporate three business and it was a breeze. She is fast and efficient. We recently sought her advice regarding a lease – she reviewed that document with a fine tooth comb, which is the kind of diligence I wholeheartedly appreciate. Nicola is warm, honest, concise and very clear with her communication. She responds quickly to emails, even when she is on vacation! I cannot recommend her highly enough!
Katherine Lazuruk Client
I think there’s a misconception that people feel — if I’m hiring a lawyer it’s going to cost me, it’s going to take a long time...and that was not my experience at all. I didn’t pay anything out of pocket. All the fees came from the settlement at the end.
Chris Newman Client
I have used Hammerco for numerous things that have come up over the years. I am a small business owner on a tight budget and have shopped around. No other firm comes close to the depth of services and expertise.
Angela Client
I was in a car accident and presented with many injuries. Having the guidance of such a professional, understanding and experienced team behind me during the worst time of my life was a tremendous relief.
Amy Client
I received well over the amount of what I had expected from the settlement. I highly recommend Hammerco to anyone seeking legal advice.
Ken Client
I was very happy with the way my ICBC claim was handled. I received a settlement which was more than I was expecting. I really recommend this law firm.
Vanessa Client
I was really shocked and stressed after the accident not knowing how to deal with it. They made the whole process very stress free. Couldn't have resolved it so smoothly without them.
Ivar V. Client
I was able to get the help, education and support I needed to deal during a challenging period. Once everything was said and done and my situation was resolved I was completely satisfied with the result.
Mark Gomes Client
Nicola Collins helped guide me through the complicated process of incorporating my real estate business with professionalism and efficiency. Nicola is always there to answer my questions and make sure my business requirements are looked after. I am happy to have Nicola on my side.

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