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Senior Associate Alexia Majidi and Associate Zach Berinstein have obtained a jury verdict of over $377,000 for our client, who was injured in a motor vehicle accident in March 2017.  This was a two-week trial against the Insurance Corporation of British Columbia (ICBC).

Our client is a young man who loves his family. Before the accident, he was passionate about his hobbies and ready to grow his career in construction to provide the best life he could for his kids. All of that changed when another driver made an illegal U-turn in front of him and caused the collision, resulting in life-altering pain and trauma. 

The accident caused significant and lasting physical injuries, as well as a devastating impact on our client’s mental health and his ability to participate fully in his life and his relationships with his family. 

A jury of 8 BC citizens ultimately decided that our client deserved much more than was offered by ICBC before the trial. This award recognizes the lasting impact of pain and trauma, and the loss one can suffer to their wellbeing, employment, and personal life as a result. 

Hammerco is proud to help individuals like our client achieve positive legal outcomes. Experienced litigators, we know how to share our clients’ stories effectively, whether in front of a judge or jury, to obtain fair compensation. We win our clients’ trust and cases because we have experience, confidence in court, and compassion outside of it.

Unfortunately, with the new no-fault insurance model introduced by the current BC government as a measure to bring down costs for ICBC, individuals – including pedestrians and cyclists – involved in car accidents in BC are no longer able to sue for damages if they are injured, even if they are not at fault. 

However, if you would like to speak to us about an accident that happened before May 1, 2021 or about another legal matter, please contact us for a free consultation.

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