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October 21, 2022|Firm News
Written by Hammerco Lawyers

Understanding how to Support Survivors from a Trauma-Informed Perspective

Navigating the civil court system can be challenging and retraumatizing for survivors of sexual assault and abuse. Understanding how to communicate and support survivors while building relationships built on trust and respect is crucial for our lawyers and something we are always examining so that we can provide a safe space for survivors to tell their stories.

Recently, the Hammerco team had the opportunity to come together with credentialed Victim Advocate (NACP), certified trauma professional, and founder of the MTMV Community Support Network Lauren Weingarten. The MTMV Community Support Network is one of the first online-based support communities established for survivors and supporters of survivors. Lauren’s workshop focused on best practices for the Hammerco team when it comes to supporting our clients (and also supporting ourselves).

Throughout the session, we explored important topics including:

  • How we can confidently support our clients while understanding that each survivor’s journey is unique;
  • the impact of community and external factors on the survivor experience;
  • The science behind trauma responses;
  • How to create language to communicate more effectively and compassionately while building, trusting, impactful relationships with our clients;
  • Grounding exercises and safe coping skills to use with our clients and our colleagues on stressful days; and
  • Ways to practice self-care while working with survivors of trauma.

 “Practicing in a trauma-informed manner is crucial to our ability to gain our client’s trust and confidence. We are committed to learning how we can do better so that we can confidently support our clients as we navigate the civil legal system together.”

– Managing Partner, Morgyn Chandler

Examining how we can best support survivors is central to our civil sexual assault practice. We aim to provide a safe space for survivors to get answers to their questions and explore their legal options.

To learn more about how we support survivors of sexual assault and abuse to pursue justice, contact us for a free consultation.


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