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February 15, 2023|Firm News
Written by Hammerco Lawyers

We’ve Made a Few Changes. Welcome to Hammerco’s Updated Website

We’ve redesigned our navigation and site menu with you in mind.

Now, it’s easier to find information about the services we offer and how we can support you to achieve positive legal outcomes.

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Hammerco has more than 20 years of experience helping individuals and businesses in BC and beyond.

Our Services

Class Actions

Class action lawsuits allow regular people to hold corporations, governments, and organizations accountable for their wrongdoing or negligence.

Civil Sexual Abuse and Assault

If you have suffered any form of sexual violence in your lifetime, Hammerco is ready to stand in your corner. We support survivors of childhood abuse, workplace and institutional sexual assault, intimate partner violence, and other types of sexual assault.

Commercial Litigation

Our team is capable of handling commercial matters of any size and complexity involving a range of issues, including commercial contractual disputes, shareholder disputes, real estate disputes, construction matters, denied insurance claims, and professional negligence claims.

Estate Litigation

Inheriting an estate is a delicate matter. It is important to know your legal options. Hammerco offers a comprehensive range of estate litigation services. If you need to challenge a Will, defend your share, want to replace a trustee or executor, or need help with administering an estate, Hammerco can help.

Medical Negligence

If you’ve suffered a life-altering injury while receiving health care from a trusted professional, you’ve come to the right place.

Personal Injury

If you’ve been injured and your injuries are caused by the negligence of another, then you may be entitled to make a claim for damages.

Property owners and occupiers are responsible for the safety of their premises. If an owner or occupier fails to ensure their property is reasonably safe, they have failed in their duty of care.

Airlines have a responsibility to ensure the safety of their passengers. If you suffered an injury while on a commercial flight, you may have legal options.

If you don’t find what you are looking for on our website, please contact us for more information or to arrange a free consultation.

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September 5, 2023

Victims across the BC province were notified that a nurse that was involved in their perioperative care at BC Women’s Hospital’s gynecological surgical center and did not have a valid nursing license.

August 24, 2023

Hammerco Partner Krista Simon has been included in the 2024 Edition of The Best Lawyers in Canada for her work in personal injury litigation and insurance law.

July 6, 2023

At Hammerco, we have experience helping clients who have been injured in assaults. We understand the impact that assault injuries can have on your life and are committed to helping you recover the compensation you need.

April 27, 2023

Childhood sexual abuse or assault can have far-reaching effects that are unique to each survivor. Survivors often experience a range of emotions, including shame, guilt, depression, and anger.