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January 15, 2024: The hearing of the application to certify this proposed class proceeding has been scheduled for the week of November 18, 2024.

Hammerco Lawyers is partnering with Toronto law firm KND Complex Litigation on a potential class action lawsuit against GoTo Technologies USA, Inc. and related companies that own, manage, and/or provide a software-as-a-service product known as LastPass.

The class action arises from a massive data breach affecting the private information under the control of LastPass, a password manager product, publicly revealed in August 2022.

Our class action alleges that the data breach resulted in the loss, theft, or compromise of highly sensitive private information of LastPass’ customers, including customer vault data containing important personal, financial, and business information.

Specifically, this lawsuit alleges that the data breach occurred as a result of LastPass’ failure to comply with its obligations under the relevant privacy legislation, including the Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents Act and in common law to protect Class Members’ personal information in its custody or control with reasonable security measures and not to disclose that private information without being provided with proper authorization.

Hammerco and KND are seeking to recover compensation for the damages and losses and for the risk of significant harm to class members’ property, finances, reputation, relationships, and creditworthiness, which has resulted from this data breach.

Business in Vancouver recently covered the class action lawsuit in an article, In the Courts: ‘Massive’ data breach leads to B.C. class-action lawsuit.

Criteria to be included in this class action

To be included in this class action, you must be an individual and entity residing or based in Canada whose Private Information was accessed by unauthorized parties in, during, or as a result of the LastPass Data Breach.

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