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December 14, 2021|Article
Written by Hammerco Lawyers

Investigation Into Fraudulent Nurse at BC Women’s Hospital

Individuals across the province were recently notified by the Provincial Health Service Authority that a nurse involved in their preoperative care at BC Women’s Hospital Gynaecological Surgical Centre did not have a valid nursing license. Impacted individuals are left with more questions than answers and we are here to help provide some clarity.

Our firm is already working on behalf of a number of individuals impacted by BC’s “fake nurse” and are available to answer questions and provide legal advice based on our longstanding experience in personal injury, medical negligence and class action claims.

Our priority is to ensure individuals are informed of their legal rights as they navigate the repercussions of this unacceptable and unprecedented situation. We also recognize the importance of victims seeking counselling or speaking with their health care team to discuss any ongoing psychological or physical concerns arising from the involvement of this “fake nurse” in their care.

Our team of legal experts including Managing Partner Morgyn Chandler, Associate Alexia Majidi and Associate Heather McMahon are available to answer your questions and help you understand your legal options.

We understand that each individual impacted by the “fake nurse” will have had a different experience and suffered harm unique to their situation. As such, our team is looking at pursuing individual claims, which means we are seeking compensation that is responsive to each individual’s experience.

We endeavour to seek compensation for the victims, to hold those in charge accountable and to prevent this type of situation from happening again.

If you have been notified or suspect that the “fake nurse” at BC Women’s Hospital was involved in your care, contact us to discuss your options.

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