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September 5, 2023|Article
Written by Hammerco Lawyers

Hammerco is Representing Victims of the “Fake Nurse” Employed at BC Hospital

Individuals across the province were notified by the Provincial Health Service Authority that a nurse involved in their preoperative care at BC Women’s Hospital Gynaecological Surgical Centre did not have a valid nursing license. Impacted individuals are left with more questions than answers. Hammerco is here to help.

Our firm is representing a number of individuals who suffered physical and psychological injuries arising from direct contact with BC’s “fake nurse” Brigitte Cleroux. We are seeking compensation on these individuals’ behalf for pain and suffering, past and future income losses, expenses incurred for treatment, in addition to other damages.

What is this all about?

Unlicensed and unqualified, Ms. Cleroux worked at BC Women’s Hospital from June 2020 to June 2021 and provided illegal nursing services to patients during this time. She is currently facing various criminal charges, including but not limited to assault, impersonation, and fraud.   

Our priority is to ensure individuals are informed of their legal rights as they navigate the repercussions of this unacceptable situation. We also recognize the importance of victims seeking counselling or speaking with their healthcare team to discuss any ongoing psychological or physical concerns arising from the involvement of this “fake nurse” in their care.

Who are the lawyers involved?

Our team of legal experts, including Managing Partner Morgyn Chandler and Partner Alexia Majidi take a trauma-informed approach to their practice. They are highly experienced in the areas of medical negligence, assault, sexual assault, and personal injury and support clients to navigate the legal system with confidence and compassion. If you have questions, Morgyn and Alexia are available to help you understand your legal options.

What is Hammerco’s approach?

We understand that each individual impacted by Ms. Cleroux will have had a different experience and suffered harm unique to their situation. As such, our team is pursuing individual claims, which means we are seeking compensation that is responsive to each individual’s experience.

There is also a parallel class action that was recently certified on the issue of willful violation of privacy, but the Court held that any actions for damages arising from negligence, battery, or physical and/or psychological injury must be pursued individually by affected persons, which is the approach that our firm is taking.

If you have been notified or suspect that Brigitte Cleroux was involved in your care between June 22, 2020, and June 23, 2021, contact us to discuss your options.

This article was updated in September 2023. 

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